Cookies And Cream “Dirt Cake”

Now this amazing concoction my husband’s family so lovingly refers to as “Dirt Cake” is an absolute STAPLE at any and every family gathering we have! Dirt Cake is basically a pudding-like version of a cookies and cream shake. It has Oreos, cool whip, cream cheese, and pudding among other […]

Chocolate Candy Poke Cake

Ah, box cake. How we love you, hate you, and need you to make the world go ‘round all at the same time. I know I’m not the only one that wishes they always had the time and energy to make every cake from scratch, but the reality of a […]

Chocolate Gravy

Looking for a recipe that is both different and classic at the same time? Looking for a way to shake up your mundane breakfast or dress up a dessert table? Well, look no further! The answer is Chocolate Gravy. If you’ve never heard of chocolate gravy, it is literal chocolate-flavored, […]

Lactation Cookies For Nursing Mamas

Nursing mamas have it hard out there! And gosh dang it, we deserve some cookies every once in a while! Or every day. You know, whatever floats your boat! These lactation cookies are a Godsend! If you aren’t a nursing mama, but you know one, please promptly make her these […]